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Referee Tim Robinson to boss the Cardiff game

last updated Friday 30th August 2019, 7:12 PM

Match Referee News

Cardiff City vrs Fulham

Championship Match Day 06 1920 at Cardiff City Stadium

Friday, 30th August 2019    KO: 19:45

Referee: Tim Robinson (West Sussex)

Referee: Tim Robinson (West Sussex)

Referee Tim Robinson
Tim Robinson
Referee Tim Robinson, a 35 years old ex-PE teacher, was appointed to the EFL referees list for the start of the 2012/13 season, after qualifying as a referee 16 years ago. Ref Robinson has now been selected as one of the Referee Select Group 2 who are employed on a full time basis.

The last time Mr Robinson bossed a Fulham game was our 2-0 home win over Nottingham Forest! in February 2018. He booked Kevin McDonald for a foul in the 73rd minute and also two Forest players, both for fouls.

Prior to Forest Mr Robinson oversaw our 6-0 crushing of Burton Albion just a couple of weeks ago. He booked two Burton players and whistled for four fouls, all against Burton players.

In that season Ref Robinson also bossed our 2-1 home win over Hull City in September and he kept his cards in his pocket despite a total of 23 fouls, 15 of them by Hull City players.

In season 2016/2017 Ref Robinson bossed four Fulham games which resulted in three away wins and a 1-1 home draw with Burton Albion.

Cardiff City last had the pleasure of Mr Robinson back in April 2018 when they beat Norwich 2-0 at The City Ground. Ref Robinson booked three players one from Norwich and two from Crdiff for 8 fouls by Norwich and 23 fouls by Cardiff.

Last season Ref Robinson reffed 35 games dishing out 130 yellows, an above average 3.7 cards a game, and a well above average 8 reds.

His busiest game recently was Brentford v Birmingham in October 2018 when he yellow carded 4 players from Brentford and five players from Birmingham, he also sent off a Birmingham player in the 66th minute..

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