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VAR to be in operation at Craven Cottage

last updated Tuesday 28th August 2018, 2:29 PM

Fulham Football Club

Peter Grant
VAR will be in operation at Craven Cottage for the first time during our Carabao Cup Second Round tie with Exeter City this evening.

Three other fixtures - Brighton & Hove Albion v Southampton, Leicester City v Fleetwood Town & Everton v Rotherham United - will also feature the live trial, meaning it is the first time the technology will have been used in multiple matches simultaneously in this country.

The trial limits use of VAR to goals, penalty calls, direct red cards and cases of potential mistaken identity.

"The emphasis of the experiment is to focus on clear and obvious errors," the EFL said in a statement.

"In this way, the system aims to minimise any interference with the flow of the game and maximise the advantages of reviewing the video replays.

"Given the subjective nature of football and a desire to maintain the flow and spectacle of the game, the system is not intended to achieve 100% accuracy in every decision.

"The original decision of the referee on the pitch can only be changed if a video review shows a clear and obvious error."

Fans in the stadium will see the following messages displayed to keep them in the loop.

VAR Check in Progress
VAR Check In Progress - Checking Goal
VAR Check In Progress - Checking Penalty
VAR Check In Progress - Checking Red Card
VAR Check In Progress - Checking Mistaken Identity
VAR Check Complete
VAR Check Complete - Original Decision Overturned

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