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Transfer rumour ~ Defender Alessio Romagnoli (3)

last updated Wednesday 06th July 2022, 9:58 AM

Fulham Football Club

		Centreback Alessio Romagnoli
Alessio Romagnoli
Position Centreback
P.O.B. Anzio,
D.O.B 12:01:95
Height 6' 01
Last Club AC Milan
Alessio Romagnoli
His Wiki page
Romagnoli yes, Romagnoli no. News a few minutes ago is that the player seems not to have accepted Lazio's offer, which is still considered too low.

From sources collected exclusively by laziochannel.it, the former Milan defender, in order to play with the Lazio shirt, postponed the flight to London and listen to Lotito's proposals.

However, these are still too low and would not even come close to the 4 million that instead offers Fulham.

The rumors that have circulated about Lazio's offer (2.8 million plus bonuses) are the result of journalistic fantasies, while the truth is that Lazio does not go beyond 2 million, to which small amounts related to bonuses must be added.

The player for his part, very honestly, in order to play with the Lazio shirt, would give up the 4 million offered by Fulham, but at least ask Lazio for a basic contract of 2.8 million.

We always remember that we are talking about a free player and therefore an effort could be made.

In the next few hours there will be news and, except for some last-minute relaunches by Lotito, Alessio Romagnoli will become a Fulham player.

Source laziochannel.it
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