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Tom Cairney to excite Scotland

last updated Wednesday 29th August 2018, 12:40 PM

Fulham Football Club

Fulham midfielder Tom Cairney
Fulham midfielder
Tom Cairney
Tom Cairney
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Scotland coach Peter Grant
Scotland coach
Peter Grant
Peter Grant
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Scotland coach Peter Grant insists players such as Tom Cairney can excite the nation.

Cairney made his second Scotland appearance in the friendly defeat by Costa Rica in March and struggled to bring his Fulham form to the international stage, losing possession several times and being slow to track his runner as the visitors scored the only goal.

But Grant, who spent four years coaching at Fulham until last week, is convinced the 27-year-old midfielder has plenty to offer Scotland if utilised in the right way.

Cairney was named in a largely inexperienced squad for next month's double header against Belgium and Albania with Grant sure manager Alex McLeish and the coaching staff can shape a team to make an impact.

Grant said: 'The biggest skill he's got is the fact he is comfortable in possession of the ball. Fulham play in a certain style, they have done it for the last few years, and Tom fits into it fantastically well.

'He is very much a creator of opportunities, he is also a goalscorer and he has proved that over the past couple of years - player of the year and Championship team of the year.

'I think the Costa Rica game, we didn't see the best of him. You need people running by Tom so he can step in and get on the ball. We have got to build a team round about the facts that help these guys be at their best.

'To create space, other people have got to move out your space, and give the ball early. He picks up fantastic spaces between the lines and turns and faces the opposition.

'In that particular game we didn't do that quickly enough, we passed square first half. To get the best out of Tom you have to have the right players round about him, and that's what we think we have.

'He is more than capable and the great thing he is playing at the highest level, playing against top international players week in, week out. That can only make you think better.

'He is training with a group of players now at Fulham which is much stronger than last season, we spent £104million.

'So all of a sudden you are playing against better players in training and you have to make sure you are in the team week in, week out.

'He is more than capable of playing at the highest level. Hopefully we can see the best of him and that's what we are going to try to achieve. When these guys are playing at their best, they are very exciting players and players that the fans will love.'

Source Gavin McCafferty at PA Sport
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