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Tim Ream returning to MLS - Rumour

last updated Thursday 15th December 2016, 2:03 PM

Fulham Football Club

Fulham defender Tim Ream
Fulham defender
Tim Ream
Tim Ream
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December is the season for holidays and transfer rumors. Tim Ream returning to MLS is one that’s been floating around for a few months

This is not the first time we’re hearing that American defender Tim Ream is considering leaving Fulham for Major League Soccer.

In September, it was reported that he was on the radar “of several MLS team”, and, despite being “very happy”, would consider a move if his playing time did not improve.

Has Ream’s playing time increased since September? The answer is a no-so-definitive “sort of”.

He went on a run of starts in the beginning of October, but since then he’s made two starts in eight matches.

The 29-year old is in the rotation, but he’s not receiving the amount of playing time one needs to break into a national team.

Whether he should leave Fulham or not, Ream’s representation poured cold water, threw a fire blanket, and sprayed a fire extinguisher all over this scorching rumor:

Ream is currently on a long-term deal with Fulham, one that runs through the summer of 2019. Based on his semi-regular inclusion in the squad, he’s still a valued member of the club as it chases a spot in the Championship playoffs and potential promotion to the Premier League.

Ream was a fringe national team player under Jurgen Klinsmann, but that could change in the lead up to the 2018 World Cup.

There’s a new manager to impress — Bruce Arena — who brings his own set of requirements and biases. Of course, that’s assuming a return to the national team is the end goal of this potential move.

For now, we have a rumor and a strong denial. Perhaps a move surfaces and perhaps it doesn’t.

Source Brendan Joseph at starsandstripes fc
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