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Tigana forsees Fulham as Premiership Champions

last updated Saturday 18th November 2000, 8:10 PM
Fulham have the potential to win the English premier league within five years, their French coach Jean Tigana said in an interview to be published in Sunday's edition of Le Journal du Dimanche.

Fulham extended their lead at the top of the English first division to five points with a 3-1 win over Portsmouth on Saturday and are strongly placed for promotion at the end of the season.
Jean Tigana enjoying a toothpick

Jean Tigana sees Fulham as Premiership Champions
Former French international midfielder Tigana believes the west London club, backed by millionaire owner Mohammed al Fayed, have immense promise.

"For Mohammed al Fayed, his ambition is to win the premier league," Tigana said. "He is very ambitious, but so am I. I want to win here and I have been persuaded that we will, although there is still a lot of work to do.

"Fulham haven't played in the top division for 32 years. That is an enormous amount to be behind. The club knows nothing about the highest level.

"In five years time I hope I've achieved my ambition. To be champions of England. Why not?" Tigana, who is in the first year of a three-year deal with a two-year option at Fulham, pinpointed the club's training facilities as a key area in which improvements were needed.

"Like at the stadium there is a lot to be done, but things are underway," he said.

"After being offered the job, I analysed it and concluded that it was a risky challenge, but interesting.

"It is like with wine. In Bordeaux I rebuilt an abandoned property. I improved it bit by bit and now I have eight hectares. I'm proud that there is recognition of what I've done."

Tigana, who rarely gives interviews, denied that he was tough on his players, as was his reputation when he coached Monaco.

"I'm not tough, I am merely professional," he said. "I take command from the start."
Source Le Journal du Dimanche
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