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Supporters to be admitted to Liverpool game

last updated Thursday 26th November 2020, 2:37 PM

Fulham Football Club

Fulham intend to admit fans for the visit of Liverpool to Craven Cottage on December 12

Fans will have to be 2019-20 season ticket holders, there were no 2020-21 season tickets issued, whose names will be entered into an electronic draw – a bit like Premium Bonds – and then they will be issued with a ‘digital match ticket’ for use on their smartphone.

At the moment it looks like the same totally random system will be used for each game, in the same way a lottery winner could enter the following week after their jackpot success, so can all season-ticket holders, regardless of whether they get two tickets in a row.

Socially distancing rules will be dealt with by only using the Putney and Hammersmith End stands at either end of the ground.

Given the capacity of each stand is upwards of 5,000 fans each, a thousand in each means one person to every five seats, unless members of the same family win tickets and then they will be allowed to sit together.

All spectators will have their temperature checked on entry.

The arrangements for getting in and out of Craven Cottage are likely to be contained in the digital ticket.

But the club admits they’ve yet to work out the fine detail on leaving the ground at the end of the game.

The club is planning to open concession stands. The logic is that takeaways stayed open throughout the pandemic, and Fulham are working on ways to make sure those missing a Cottage pie can once again dig in.

Source Paul Warburton at West London Sport
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