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Sean Davis unhurt by bad tackle

last updated Thursday 06th December 2001, 10:00 PM
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Fulham reserve team coach Steve Kean is fuming after Sean Davis was on the receiving end of a horror tackle in the 2-0 defeat of the reserves by Arsenal last Wednesday.

After a tough tackle with Arsenal midfielder John Halls, which ultimately resulted in a Fulham free kick - Davis was subjected to a vicious two-footed challenge just outside the Arsenal penalty area from the same player.

Steve Kean said "If you've played the game then you'll understand the difference between a mistimed challenge and a malicious challenge. We felt that he certainly went in to hurt Sean Davis. The referee decided to show him the yellow card but we felt it should have been an automatic red."

"The really annoying thing for any member of the coaching staff is when you then hear the same player shouting things like 'break him.' I asked the referee
Arsenal midfielder John Halls
Arsenal midfielder
John Halls

what he thought, he told me that he felt the player tried to play the ball, which I don't agree with."

"Sometimes you get little battles in the game. If it's battles of skill, you can accept that but if somebody, in our opinion, is trying to hurt another player - I don't think that's a problem that the coaching staff should have to deal with. It's up to the referee to discipline each situation as he sees it, in not doing that, he actually gave their coach Eddie Niedzwiecki a problem where he had to decide whether to take the player off or not."

With reserve team games mainly aimed at further developing Academy players as well as first team regulars on their way back from injury. The fact that such dangerous challenges could go unpunished would, no doubt, raise a few eyebrows as to whether the rules of the game are being correctly enforced.

Only a matter of weeks ago, young Academy prospect David Shevel was lucky to escape unscathed after a brutally high challenge from Coventry player Ysreal Zuniga. The challenge could have easily resulted in a serious injury, yet the only punishment issued by the referee was a mere yellow card.

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