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Sean Davis punched by Italian

last updated Wednesday 22nd May 2002, 1:49 PM
  Fulham midfielder star Sean Davis  
  Fulham midfielder star Sean Davis shocked at getting punched by Italian.
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There are crime fighters and street fighters and Fulham's Sean Davis could be deemed to have a bit of both inside his often-torrid temperament following a forearm smash he received from Italy's Daniele Bonera.

Towards the back end of Monday night's 2-1 defeat, while playing for the England Under-21s against their Italian counterparts, Davis received a smack in the mouth from Bonera that led to the defender's dismissal.

"It was disgraceful," fumed Davis.

"He punched me straight in the face. I tried to run across him and he just gave me a right hook.

"I was shocked more than anything but he had to go for that."

Of course the instincts of the Clapham-born midfielder came to the fore when he added: "I don't think he would do it off the pitch, but there were ten other players out there protecting him.

"Fortunately the referee saw it and sent him off straight away."
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