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Saha to overshadow Fowler

last updated Sunday 02nd December 2001, 10:26 AM
Fulham striker Louis Saha is looking to overshadow Fowler's expected debut on Sunday after finally ending his frustrating goal drought.

Saha started the season with a bang, scoring twice at Old Trafford in the opening game before finding the net at home to Sunderland in the next match.

However, with a missed penalty at Aston Villa and many other chances squandered, it was 10 league games later that he next scored in the Premiership at his former club Newcastle.

Fulham Striker Louis Saha
Fulham Striker Louis Saha
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Although Saha had found the net in the Worthington Cup against Derby, the strike at home to Newcastle a fortnight ago was a huge weight off his mind.

While he failed to make an impact last weekend at Bolton or as a substitute in Fulham's midweek cup defeat by Tottenham, he insists that his confidence levels are now back and he is ready to outshine even Fowler.

"I'm more confident and relaxed. It was too long for me to go without scoring,"

"It was frustrating. I tried to ask myself some questions and it was a hard period, but I just continued to work.

"Most importantly, I wanted to show my manager that I can still score. We needed points and I needed to score for myself."

When the goal came, it was certainly memorable as Saha let fly with a long-range strike that he practices regularly in training but had not had the confidence to try in a match for some time.

"Maybe it was the most important goal for me at this moment in time because it came when I hadn't scored for so long," he added.

"But other goals have been just as important - at Manchester United this season as well as against Blackburn last season.

"I don't just watch the quality of the goal itself. It is important to remember the circumstances.

"Every week, you can see a player like Barry Hayles getting more confident and taking more risks. Hopefully that can happen with me as well now."
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