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Rob Styles is the Ref for Blackburn

last updated Thursday 25th November 2004, 4:23 PM

Rob StylesRob Styles ( Waterlooville, Hampshire)

Rob Styles is into his fifth season as a Premiership referee and is one of the select list of professional referees. Since his appointment he has developed a fearsome record for giving red cards and penalties. However many fans see him as inconsistent although to his credit there is little evidence of big team i'tis

Mr Styles has officiated at 11 games involving Fulham since the end of 1997 and The Cottagers have won 6, drawn 1 and lost 4. Unfortunately the 4 defeats are games he has covered since Fulham's arrival in the Premiership. Fulham fans will also look back with concern, to the home Premiership game against Liverpool last season, where he red carded Boa Morte but yellow carded Liverpool's Murphy for a similar bad tackle. He also gave a penalty against Knight, for Liverpool's winning goal, although for some reason did not yellow card the tall defender.

Luis Boa Morte will have particular need to watch his step as Styles has booked him in four of his last five games!!

Referee Stats - 2004/2005

Ref "Red Terror" Styles seems to have had a total make over during the close season and so far this season his match activity is only remarkable in how normal sit eems to be.

Last season he issued 12 reds and 5 pens in 20 games this season he has only given 1 of each in 7 games. Either he has changed for the better or he is going to have to get very busy very soon.

  Mr. Styles's Av Premiership Ref
Total Match Avg Total Match Avg
Games 7 7
Fouls 162 23.14 170 26.09
Yellows 12 1.71 16 2.46
Reds 1 0.14 0.9 0.13
Penalties 1 0.14 1 0.20
Fouls per Yellow - 13.5 - 10.6
Homer? (2004-2005)
Total Home Away Total
Games Fouls Yellow Red Pen Fouls Yellow Red Pen Fouls Yellow Red Pen
7 70 5 1 0 92 7 0 1 162 12 1 1
  43% 42% 100% 0% 51% 58% 61% 100% - - - -
Premiership Average
7 49% 42% 39% 63% 51% 58% 61% 37% 170 16 1 1

Ref Styles does not appear to be too biased in his distribution of fouls but is one of the biggest homers in the Premiership in terms of cards and pens.

If Mr Styles sticks to his usual plan he may actually be of some help on Saturday.

Previous Fulham games what was refed by Rob Styles
2004/2005 21-08-2004 Premier Fulham 2-0 Bolton 0y 0r 2003/2004 06-03-2004 FA Cup Man Utd 2-1 Fulham 6y 0r
Bookings: Keane, Phil Neville (Man Utd) Boa Morte, Goma, Hayles, Volz (Fulham)02-11-2003 Premiership Fulham 1-2 Liverpool 2y 1r
Bookings: Boa Morte, Boa Morte (sent off 90) (Fulham) Murphy (Liverpool)
Substitute referee Mr Styles' performance left something to be desired particularly after the break, and a series of outrageous decisions in favour of Liverpool clearly started to unsettle the Whites. And of course if he had shown any sort of consistency, Danny Murphy would have been sitting having an early bath, with Boa, instead of converting the winning penalty after his pre-meditated assault on Steed Malbranque - Murphy, had violently fouled Malbranque at knee level and was yellow carded after a delay during which home fans became extremely upset. The bias against Fulham caused a great deal of upset for Fulham players and fans.2002/200323-10-2002 Premiership Fulham 0-1 West Ham 5y 1r
Bookings: Boa Morte, Marlet, Knight (sent off 90) (Fulham) Cisse, Dailly, Repka (West Ham)
Mr Styles sent off Zat Knight following his vain effort to prevent Defoe steaming through a hole in the defence.31-08-2002 Premiership West Brom 1-0 Fulham 7y 0r
Bookings: Hughes, Johnson, Moore, Wallwork (West Brom) Boa Morte, Finnan, Sean Davis (Fulham)
Mr Styles had one of those afternoons which gives spectators valid grounds for complaint - pedantic, overly fussy and apparently without the remotest sympathy for football as an entertainment. Naturally the fans voiced their complaints in time-honoured fashion, the noisiest cameo of the entire afternoon reserved for the referee's half-time walk down the tunnel.2001/200220-04-2002 Premiership Leeds 0-1 Fulham 5y 0r
Bookings: Bowyer, Matteo (Leeds) Goma, Legwinski, Van der Sar (Fulham)2000/200112-08-2000 Division 1 Fulham 2-0 Crewe 12-08-2000 1y 0r
Bookings: Macauley (Crewe)1999/200018-09-1999 Division 1 Fulham 1-0 QPR 2y 1r
Bookings: Scully, Steiner, Steiner (sent off 41) (QPR)1998/199906-02-1999 Division 2 Wycombe 1-1 Fulham 5y 0r
Bookings: Kavanagh, Scott, Stallard (Wycombe) Coleman, Peschisolido (Fulham)1997/199816-11-1997 FA Cup Margate 1-2 Fulham 2y 0r
Bookings: Sykes (Margate) Carpenter (Fulham)13-04-1998 Division 2 Fulham 5-0 Carlisle 4y 1r
Bookings: Smith (Fulham) Milligan, Smart, Varty, Hopper (sent off 72)(Carlisle)
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