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Riise brothers ready for Roma clash

last updated Wednesday 21st October 2009, 9:01 AM
Fulham midfielder Bjorn Helge Riise
Fulham midfielder
Bjorn Helge Riise
Bjorn Helge Riise
Fulham midfielder Bjorn Helge Riise developed his pace as a kid dashing to escape big brother John Arne.

Now the Fulham wideman hopes to use it to his advantage when they clash in tomorrow's Europa League match.

John Arne is now with Italian giants Roma after becoming a Champions League winner with Liverpool. The Norwegian aces could even end up marking each other with right winger Bjorn Helge, 26, set to start against left-back John Arne, 29.

Bjorn Helge said: "We talk every day on the phone and in the national team we share a room. I've never played against him before. He told me he is going to smash me and I am going to smash him.

"I am little brother and have always lost against him in everything. I used to run as fast as I could to get home to my mum because I knew then he couldn't touch me."

Source Andrew Dillon at The Sun
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