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Ref Marriner to boss West Ham game

last updated Thursday 25th September 2008, 10:49 PM
Referee Andre Marriner - Birmingham, West Midlands
Referee Andre MarrinerAndre Marriner, 36yrs, qualified as a referee in 1992 and was promoted to Football League assistant referee in 2000 after spending time in the Birmingham Amateur Football League and the Southern League. Three years later he was promoted to the Football League List of referees. Mr Marriner managed his first Premiership game, Charlton v Norwich, in November 2004 and made the Select Group of referees in 2005.

Ref Marriner has only reffed four Fulham games in his short career in the top flight which were the Wigan away game in the 05/06 season, where Marriner had a howler, Man Utd in 06/07 season where Fulham had a howler and Sunderland and Tottenham in the 07/08 season.

In the four matches, all away games, Marriner issued 14 yellows (10 to Fulham players) and 2 reds (1 to a Fulham player. Hopefully as we will be at home on Saturday Marriner will be punishing those nasty West Ham visitors.
Referee Stats - 2007/2008

Ref Marriner has only had 3 Premiership games so far this season so last season's stats may be a better guide. Last season Marriner blew his whistle less  than most and when he did use it he was less likely to issue a yellow. In his 20 Premiership games last season he averaged under 3 yellows a game. Hopefully he continues in the same manner on Saturday. In terms of red cards he was the 6th busiest ref in the Premiership but for penalties Ref Marriner tends to avoid making a decision.

   Mr. Marriner's Av Premiership Ref
Total Match Avg Pos Total Match Avg
Games 20    20   
Fouls 466 23.3 12th 488 24.4
Yellows 53 2.7 16th 64 3.2
Reds 4 0.2 6th 3 0.2
Penalties 2 0.1 15th 4 0.2
Fouls per Yellow - 8.8 16th - 7.6
Homer? (2007-2008)
Total Home Away Total
Games Fouls Yellow Red Pen Fouls Yellow Red Pen Fouls Yellow Red Pen
20 204 18 1 2 262 35 3 0 466 53 4 2
   44% 34% 25% 100% 56% 66% 75% 0%            
Premiership Average
120 49% 42% 51% 64% 51% 58% 49% 36% 488 64 3 4
Last season Ref Marriner was the third highest homer in the Premiership.

An away player is 50% more likely to be cautioned than a home player
Previous Fulham games what was refed by Andre Marriner
26-12-2007 Premier Tottenham 5-1 Fulham 5y 1r
Bookings: Huddlestone (Tottenham) Baird, Davies, Smertin, Volz(sent off for 2nd yel) (Fulham)
Last game before Roy of the Fulham Hodgson took over.
27-10-2007 Premier Sunderland 1-1 Fulham 5y 1r
Bookings: Halford (Sunderland) Bocanegra, Davies, Dempsey, Stefanovic (Fulham)
Surprise, surprise the boys outplay the opposition for most of the game, failed to capitalise on their dominance and failed to keep out a late lob into the box. Mr Marriner could have been a little less harsh on us as well.
20-08-2006 Premier Man Utd 5-1 Fulham 2y 0r
Bookings: Giggs (Man Utd) Brown (49, f) (Fulham)
One of our more embarrassing away debacles.
29-10-2005 Premier Wigan 1-0 Fulham 2y 0r
Bookings: Kavanagh (Wigan) Volz (Fulham)
Fulham went home to London angry and confused after what appeared to be some very dodgy refereeing decisions. Wigan keeper John Filan could have been sent off and there might have been a penalty - or two. Handball appeals against Leighton Baines rang out and Moritz Volz could have had a spot-kick rather than a yellow card for 'simulation' when he had been tripped by Alan Mahon. Nothing went Fulham's way and Claus Jensen said: "It is a shame to be talking about the referee. "We were quite sure that it hit his (Filan's) arm. As for the dive, he has never dived in his life. We are disappointed with the way those decisions have gone."
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