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Ref Jones to boss Villa game

last updated Wednesday 18th October 2017, 10:30 AM

Match Referee News

Aston Villa vrs Fulham

Championship Match Day 13 1718 Villa Park

Saturday 21st October 2017     KO: 15:00

Michael Jones (Cheshire)

Referee: Michael Jones (Cheshire)

Referee Michael Jones (Cheshire)
Michael Jones
His Wiki page

Referee Michael Jones, age 49 years, has been a ref in the Football League since 1997 and was promoted to the Premier League Select Group Referees in 2008.

Mr Jones allowed the infamous beach ball goal against Liverpool he was then demoted for one week to boss a match in the Championship. The beach ball from the incident was eventually sent for display at England's National Football Museum in Manchester.

He last met up with Fulham in the 2014/2015 season when refed three of our games. The first was the 3-0 defeat at Reading in September 2014, when Reading made 18 fouls and Fulham made 9 fouls, and Mr Jones decided that Reading deserved 1 yellow and Fulham 3 yellows and a red card for Smith in the 18th minute.

Mr Jones then bossed the Fulham 4-0 win over Sheffield Wednesday at The Cottage in December 2014 and yellow carded Stafylidis, Fofana and three visiting players.

Ref Jones's last meeting with Fulham was the 2-0 win against Derby in February 2015 when he yellow carded Tunnicliffe for a foul and also one Derby player.

So two wins in three games and 6 yellow and a red against 5 yellows for oppositions.

He last refed Aston Villa, in January 2016 when they were beaten 4-0 at home by Man City in the FA Cup. Mr Jones yellow carded two players on each side.

This season so far he has refed 6 games and dished out 24 yellows and no red cards.

Last season he refed 30 games and issued 120 yellows, an above average 4 cards a game, and an above average 5 reds.  His busiest game was Sheff Utd vrs Scunthorpe in February this year when Mr Jones booked four players from each team and then doubled up one of the Scunthorpe yellows to a red.

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