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Proud to be a Fulham fan

last updated Friday 14th May 2010, 10:44 AM

The 12th of May 2010 will go down in history as a great day for Fulham FC, and what a day it was. After an exhausting domestic season and a 18 game run in the newly formed UEFA Europa League Fulham were in the Final.

Fulhamweb spent most of the day in the Reeperbahn, and the Fulham fans there were outstanding and a great advert for English football. The "Fulham Square" was fantastic and something we will never forget - that poor statue!

We should also mention the Athletico fans - they were loud and very friendly and we enjoyed many shared songs throughout the day.

Getting to the ground was another great part of the day - the noise on the train and then bus was deafening and again Fulham and Athletico fans all mingled and behaved great.

So back to the match, well what can we say. We could pick over performances, moan about the shocking lines man etc, but none of this really matters - we, Fulham, were there, we played, we scored and we so nearly won.

One word sums it up :


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