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Premiership Refs are soft

last updated Saturday 13th January 2001, 12:27 PM

Fulham will find it a lot easier in the Premiership next year as Ref's in the Premiership dish out far fewer cards than the Ref's in Division One.

Over half way into this season Fulham have been given 44 yellows for 236 fouls an average of 5.4 fouls per yellow. The average in the Premiership is 9.4 fouls per yellows with Arsenal getting away with 14.6 fouls per yellow. If Fulham had been treated the same as Arsenal they would have received just 16 yes 16 yellows. An incredible difference and one that is starting to hurt Fulham.

Sean Davis was suspended for the Man United game for collecting 5 yellows and Fabrice Fernandes, the Fulham goal scorer against Man Utd, is suspended today for the same reason. A number of other Fulham players are on 4 yellows so there will be suspensions and disruption to team selection in the coming second half of the season.

Even in comparison to other teams in Division One Fulham are not being treated very well.The Mighty Whites have been given at least an additional 14 yellows in comparison to the divisional average and 16 in comparison with the second, third and fourth placed teams.

It seems that Jean Tigana's Black and White Army are playing against more than just the other squad.

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