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New boy Probert to boss Wigan game

last updated Friday 06th February 2009, 4:04 PM
Referee Lee Probert - GloucestershireReferee Lee Probert - Gloucestershire
Lee Probert is 35 years-old and comes from South Gloucestershire.

He began refereeing in 1986, in leagues local to Bristol, and later in the Football Conference South.

He refed his first FA Cup match in November 2001 and his first match in the national League was a League Two game in August 2003.

Professional Game Match Officials Limited, which employs Premier League referees, announced that Probert had been included in the Select Group of 19 referees for season 2007-08.

He has been accused of going by the book even if it interferes with the flow of the game at least he keeps his cards in his pocket more than the average Premiership ref.

Referee Stats -2008/2009
Ref Probert is  a keen whistle blower but when he does use it he is far less likely to issue a yellow than his mates.

 In terms of red cards he has not pulled it out yet in the Premiership
   Mr. Probert's stats Av Premiership Ref
Total Match Avg Pos Total Match Avg
Games 5 13
Fouls 125 25.0 6th 313 23.8
Yellows 10 2.0 17th 44 3.3
Reds 0 0.0 15th 2 0.2
Penalties 1 0.2 7th 2 0.2
Fouls per Yellow - 12.5 17th - 7.2
Homer? (2008-2009)
Total Home Away Total
Games Fouls Yellow Red Pen Fouls Yellow Red Pen Fouls Yellow Red Pen
5 47 4 0 1 78 6 0 1 125 10 0 1
38% 40% 0% 100% 62% 60% 0% 0% - - - -
Premiership Average
13 48% 43% 43% 65% 52% 57% 58% 35% 313 44 2 2
In his ten Premiership games last season he issued 19 yellows with ten going to home players.

So far in his first 5 games of 2008/2009 he has issued 4 to home players and 6 to visitors. Although it is only 5 games his bias is only slightly above average for yellows but his whistle is another story.

He is now the 6th busiest whistler and 62% are against visiting players, which obviously helps the flow of the game.
Previous Fulham games what was refed by Lee Probert
20-09-2008  Premier Blackburn 1-0 Fulham 3y 0r
Bookings: Andrews, Emerton (Blackburn)
Blackburn players seemed determined to injure Jimmy Bullard at every twist and turn. Although Probert issued a couple of yellows they were not enough.
15-08-2007  Premier Fulham 2-1 Bolton 3y 0r
Bookings: Bocanegra, Konchesky (Fulham) Diouf (Bolton)
The one that saw Tony Warner start his disasterous run of errors that put paid to his time at Fulham. It also saw the first return of Iceman Helguson and his mistake that gave Healy his second goal for Fulham. Everything looked so good at the end of this game but as we know now it all went  horribly wrong.
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