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New badge for Fulham F.C.

last updated Thursday 24th May 2001, 10:17 AM
New Fulham Badge
New Fulham Badge

Fulham today launched a new club logo to mark what they hope will be the start of a successful new era and guarantee them a future source of funds.

The new badge incorporates the club's colours and will be on all team shirts and merchandise in future and registered to the West London outfit.

The old shield that has been used in various forms since the Second World War, is owned by the Hammersmith and Fulham Council who could withdraw their permission or demand payment at any time.

The First Division Champions also believe they are entering a new era and wanted a logo which would be attractive to supporters all over the world.

Managing director Michael Fiddy said: "The new image has been designed to reflect the core values of the club.

Fulham Crest
Fulham Crest

"We wanted to mark the fact that we are in the top flight after being out of it since 1968.

"We are very ambitious and want everything about the club to be progressive, stylish and exciting. We think the badge reflects that." Research into the design of the new logo started about a year ago after the arrival of manager Jean Tigana and supporters have been involved through focus groups.

A letter showing the badge and explaining why it is changing went out to some 20,000 season ticket holders and members today.

Ownership of a trademark is vital if the club want to exploit lucrative shirt sales and merchandising opportunities and Fulham have created their own so they can expand commercially without fear of outside claims.

Source Evening Standard by Leo Spall
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