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Middlesbrough v Fulham numbers

last updated Thursday 17th November 2005, 1:30 PM
The excellent result Fulham achieved against Manchester City last weekend helped the Cottagers up to 14th place in the Premiership just one place below their next opponents Middlesbrough.
Top Opta Teams (after 12 games)
Aspect Top Team Boro Fulham
Position Chelsea 1 - 13th - 14th
Points Chelsea 31 - 15 - 12
Shots Attempted Chelsea 172 6th 121 5th 125
Shots on Target Chelsea 73 6th 49 10th 46
Goals Scored Chelsea 28 6th 15 13th 12
Passes Made Arsenal 5484 5th 4481 16th 3767
Crosses Birmingham 349 18th 214 13th 261
Goals Conceded Sunderland 20 6th 16 5th 16
Clean Sheets Liverpool 7 15th 2 11th 3
Tackles Made Man City 439 3rd 425 12th 359
Tackles Won Man City 320 7th 293 8th 270
Fouls Conceded Blackburn 215 12th 174 13th 173
Yellow Cards Man City 25 11th 20 12th 19
Fouls per yellow Wigan 12.9 16th 8.7 8th 9.1
Red Cards Birmingham 3 8th 1 15th 0
Penalties Arsenal 5 5th 2 17th 0
Both squads are keen to get shots on goal with Boro being fractionally sharper in front of the sticks. The Teesiders are in front by three shots on goal and 3 more goals than The Cottagers. However half of their 15 goals were scored in two games and they have failed to score in 5 games, three of them at home. Fulham have not scored more than 2 goals in any game this season and have failed to score in 3 of which 2 were away from home. Middlesbrough are a busier team than Fulham, in relation to passing and tackling, so The Cottagers will need to up their work rate in the midfield area in the absence of early goals In defensive terms the two teams are close even up to both having conceded 16 goals. Apart from the Arsenal defeat Fulham have not been beaten by more than 1 goal so far. The similarity continues into disciplinary matters with both squads receiving virtually the same number of cautions and fouls. The numbers show that there is little real difference between Boro and Fulham and therefore the winner will be either the luckier or the braver.
Fulham year on year Opta Stats comparison
(after 12 games)
Aspect 05/06 04/05 03/04
Position - 14th - 12th - 7th
Points - 12 - 14 - 18
Shots Attempted 5th 125 11th 112 6th 139
Shots on Target 10th 46 8th 50 4th 68
Goals Scored 13th 12 11th 12 5th 22
Passes Made 16th 3767 16th 3471 9th 4440
Crosses Attempted 13th 261 17th 217 18th 223
Goals Conceded 5th 16 4th 19 - 18
Clean Sheets 11th 3 11th 3 10th 4
Tackles Made 12th 359 6th 339 1st 396
Tackles Won 8th 270 5th 252 1st 295
Fouls Conceded 13th 173 16th 142 7th 183
Yellow Cards 12th 19 10th 14 - 27
Fouls per yellow 8th 9.1 13th 10 - 7
Red Cards 15th 0 1st 3 - 2
When we look at the stats for the last three seasons it is quite clear that Fulham have not recovered from the controversial departure of Louis Saha. There are signs that Fulham have a shot on sight policy but it needs to be developed so that more shots are on target Midfield activity such as passing and tackling also seems to have gone backward over the same period. Only in respect of crossing has there been an improvement. Happily the figure for number goals conceded is reducing along with fouls, yellow cards and red cards. As long as Fulham remember the feeling that gained them wins against Liverpool and Man City getting something out of the Middlesbrough game should be straight forward.
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