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Lighter thrown at Boa Morte

last updated Monday 12th January 2004, 9:27 AM
Fulham striker Luis Boa Morte
Fulham striker
Luis Boa Morte
Luis Boa Morte Stories
Everton could find themselves in hot water with the Football Association after Saturday's defeat at Fulham.

Referee Graham Poll had to delay the taking of a corner kick midway through the second half of the Blues' 2-1 defeat after objects from the away end were thrown on to the field.

Lighter thrown at Fulham striker Luis Boa Morte
Poll with lighter
A match-day programme and a lighter were allegedly hurled towards Cottagers midfielder Luis Boa Morte.

Poll confirmed: "The incident happened in the 67th minute and I will be mentioning it in my report to the FA."

If the FA choose to act on the official's report, then cash-strapped Everton could be facing a fine for failure to control the behaviour of their supporters.

Everton will wait until official confirmation of the report until making any comment on the incident.
Source Daily Post by Ian Doyle
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