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Jokanovic ready for hotshot Jota

last updated Saturday 29th April 2017, 11:05 AM

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Fulham Coach Slavisa Jokanovic
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Slavisa Jokanovic
Slavisa Jokanovic
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Fulham coach Slavisa Jokanovic insists his side a fully prepared to deal with Brentford's dangerman Jota and that his players have all the information they need about him.

You'd be forgiven for thinking the Spaniard is the arch nemesis of Fulham having scored twice against the club in the 2014/15 season, while also netting a goal in last year's meeting which was ruled out for after he had strayed offside.

Jota was recalled by Brentford in January and has scored 12 goals since returning to Griffin Park, but the Fulham manager insists his players are fully prepared to face the 25-year-old and are ready to stop him at the Cottage today.

He said:"Canos, Jota and Vibe, they are three very important players for them and we know Canos and Jota from last season, he is not a new face in the Championship.

"My players have all the information about him and other parts of this team and we expect we will have to stop him.

"I don't compare the teams, we try to observe what they are doing and the many things they are doing with the quality.

"They have really dangerous three players with extra individual quality and at the end they have style that they try to use and find a way for them to win the game.

"All the Fulham team have some similarity and at the end we want to win the game like them, the way it can be similar and it exists some difference but at the end the target is the same for us as it for them."

He said: "It's a massive game and a chance to be in the top six at the end of the season.

"We are in front of our first match ball and it's normal in this crucial moment of the season, it's very important to not make mistakes, be competitive and show ambition.

"In this moment it's more important, at the end I have enough experience in the Championship and I know in this competition easy games don't exist and we must be ready for everything.

"We are in front of a great chance and must be confident and concentrated and ready to push hard and try to find the final step in this regular part of the season.

"I expect we are going to play one more game at home, but this is a London derby, it's an important day for our supporters and Brentford supporters, they will arrive and at the end they are one of the teams with the highest level of form in the Championship.

"We know it won't be easy for us but this kind of situation cannot affect our preparation and we must be focused on our targets which is always to try and win the next game."

“We don’t need anything revolutionary for this game. This season we’ve offered many quality performances at our home and it’s important we try to find our style and spend extra energy in this game that’s in front of us.”

There was some concern among the Fulham Faithful following Stefan Johansen’s late withdrawal in Huddersfield, but Jokanovic revealed that the in-form midfielder is fighting fit.

“Stefan Johansen didn’t miss any training after this situation,” he confirmed. “He’s fully motivated and ready for the game.

“We have lost Ragnar Sigurdsson. He has a calf problem, but the other players are available for the game.”

Fulham’s Head Coach also detailed his reasoning as to why there won’t be a lap of appreciation following the full-time whistle on Saturday.

“I understand it’s a tradition in English football, but we don’t need any distractions in this moment,” he said.

“It’s not the end of the season for us, we don’t want to believe it’s the last game we’re going to play at home. I don’t want to show any signal that we are close to going on holiday.”

Source Ryan O'Donovan at GetWestLondon/Fulham FC
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