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Jan Koller's transfer plunged into doubt

last updated Tuesday 15th May 2001, 4:51 PM
Jan Koller's intentions were plunged into doubt again on Tuesday when the Anderlecht striker indicated he had reservations about joining Fulham, just a day after declaring that the London club was his preferred destination.

Fulham and Borussia Dortmund have been competing to sign the player for the past week, but the English side appeared to have won a significant advantage when Koller said on Monday that he was a big fan of English football.

On Tuesday, though, he muddied the waters again. "A short time ago, everything was clear as I had an agreement with Fulham and I was just waiting to sign the contract," he explained.

"Then I learnt through various sources that Dortmund were interested in me. I also heard that financially the offer is about the same as in England. Given that, the bigger sporting challenge lies with Dortmund."

Dortmund have qualified for next season's Champions' League, whereas Fulham, who only won promotion to the Premiership this season, cannot play in Europe until at least the season after next.

Koller has consulted his Czech Republic team-mate Tomas Rosicky, who plays for Dortmund.

"He has spoken about the professionalism and warmth of the team," Koller said. "He's mentioned the atmosphere at all the matches at the Westfalenstadion and the great relationship he has with the 70,000 fans.

"And there's the opportunity to play in the Champions' League next season. Fulham cannot give me that."

The saga has been rumbling on since Koller first revealed he would quit Anderlecht four months ago, and even he now admits that he is getting bored of the whole thing.

"I want it to be sorted out as soon as possible," he said. "My choice is between Fulham and Dortmund. There is no third option."
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