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Ipswich 1 Fulham 0 - Match comments

last updated Wednesday 30th January 2002, 9:32 PM

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21.36 - Good night all. God bless and remember after a day or two the hurt is not so bad. I am off for a gargle. COME ON YOU WHITES

21.34 - Fulham not able to get anything out of their trip to Tractor land and a poor performance results in their first defeat in 2002.

21.32 - Freekick to Fulham and the ball goes in to Bazza but he can't do anything with it.

21.29 - The kick is taken but Ipswich manage to clear with just 5 minutes to go.

21.28 - Free kick to Fulham. The kick is taken and the ball falls to Steed Malbranque who seems to be fouled but shoots anyway. The ball is put off for a corner to Fulham

21.26 - Edwin van der Sar makes a brilliant save to keep the score at 1-0. Marcus Bent got through on his own but could not get around the Dutch International

21.24 - Steve Finnan gets a yellow card for a fairly gently foul on Peralta

21.22 - Fulham starting to put Ipswich under pressure COME ON YOU WHITES

21.18 - Steeed Malbranque surges forward to the edge of the Ipswich area but he is surrounded by Ipswich defenders and goes down. The ball runs free to Louis Saha who shoots. Aaaaarrrggh it misses the goal by a mile.

21.15 - Phewww Edwin van der Sar has come out for a chip across the goal missed it completely but Ipswich have no one there to take advantage.

21.11 - Fulham take the freekick after the Bazza foul. The ball falls to John Collins who shoots but the keeper is equal to the effort and clutches the ball.

21.10 - Jean Tigana makes his third substitution and brings on Adeslam Ouaddou for Sylvain Legwinski

21.09 - McGreal of Ipswich fouls Bazza Hayles and gets a yellow card

21.08 - Fulham trying to gain a bit of control but time and time again passes are going wrong

20.48 - Second half is ready to start and off we go COME ON YOU WHITES

20.48 - Jean Tigana has subbed Zak Knight with John Collins and Bjarne Goldbaek with Barry Hayles

20.30 - There goes the whistle for halftime. Come on Jean get in amongst them and sort it out.

20.30 - Fulham clear the corner and try to mount a quick counter attack but Clapham manages to break it up.

20.28 - Ipswich win a free kick near the Fulham area but the shot hits Steve Marlet and the ball goes off for another corner to Ipswich

20.25 - Ipswich applying a bit of pressure and gain two corners in quick succession but Fulham clear

20.20 - McGreal for Ipswich has a free header 5 yards out after Edwin van der Sar misses the ball. Fortunately for us McGreal fluffs it.

20.18 - Fulham try to put an attack to gether but the final ball is a shot from Sylvain Legwinski direct at the keeper

20.16 - Alain Goma tackles Marcus Bent from behind in the middle of the pitch and the Ref did not like it so Alain has a yellow card

20.10 - Rufus had shoulder charged Bent in the Fulham area and knocked him off the ball. Fortunately the Ref thought it was okay.

20.06 - Fulham get a corner. The ball comes in and Sylvain Legwinski rises to head the ball goalward. Ahhh over the bar. COME ON YOU WHITES

20.00 - Owwwwwh Louis Sha gets the ball to his feet in a dangerous position in front of the Ipswich goal but he stumbles before getting a shot in and the ball runs away to the keeper.

19.55 - Goal by Marcus Bent for Ipswich from a cross that bounced off a Fulham defender. Bent was on the line and nudged the ball in.

Line ups;
Fulham boss Jean Tigana puts out a strong squad with an experimental midfield that gives Bjarne Goldbaek a start.

Fulham :
Edwin van der Sar(G),
Marcus Stewart(A),
Steve Finnan(D), Andy Melville(D), Alain Goma(D), Rufus Brevett(D),

Zak Knight(M/D),
Sylvain Legwinski(M), Bjarne Goldbaek(M),
Steed Malbranque(M/A),

Steve Marlet(A), Louis Saha(A).

Subs:Maik Taylor(G), Adeslam Ouaddou(D), John Collins(M), Andrejs Stolcers(A) Barry Hayles(A).


Andy Marshal(G),

Chris Makin(D), John McGreal(D), Mark Venus(D), Hermann Hreidarsson(D),

Jermaine Wright(M/A), Matt Holland(M), Sixto Peralta(M/A), Jamie Clapham(M),

Marcus Bent(A), Alun Armstrong(A),

Subs: Matteo Sereni(G), Pablo G Counago(A), Martijn Reuser(A), Marcus Stewart(A), Titus Bramble(D),

Referee: Alan Wiley
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