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last updated Friday 06th April 2007, 12:03 PM

During the week an article appeared on the SkySport site showing what the Premiership table would look like if all games so far this season had lasted for just 80mins.

The article focused on the top and bottom teams and how the last 10 mins had impacted their positions.

Arsenal, the best last 10 min team, would be down in 7th spot without the last 10 mins, having gained 9 of their 55 points in that time slot.

At the other end of the table Watford would now be 16th and looking forward to survival if they had not thrown away 11 points in the last frantic 10 mins.

There were very few other significant differences however an interesting Fulham issue was overlooked.

If games had ended at the 80th min The Cottagers would be well down in the relegation dogfight at 17th spot, out of the bottom three by virtue of goal difference.

Fulham have accumulated 20% or 7 of their 35 points total through fightbacks in the last 10 mins.

This is the second best performance of any of the Premiership squads and would put Fulham in the Champions League, desperate pipe-dreams but it does underline the fact that Chris Coleman's' squads are made of fitter and tougher stuff than might first appear.

What the figures also showed was that Everton, after Watford -11pts and Wigan -5pts, is the worst last 10 minute team in the Premiership.

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