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Geoff Horsfield to sue West Ham

last updated Tuesday 24th March 2009, 2:03 PM

Former Fulham striker Geoff Horsfield
Former Fulham striker
Geoff Horsfield
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Former Fulham striker Geoff "The Horse" Horsfield has broken his silence on the Carlos Tevez affair as he appealed for justice for the Sheffield United players who he claims have suffered losses over West Ham's "negligence".

The Lincoln striker is one of the 20 past and present United players suing the Hammers for compensation following the Blades' relegation from the Premier League in the 2005/06 season.

It is understood the lawsuit is worth up to £3m to the group, who are chasing wages and bonuses they would have received had they remained in the top flight.

West Ham have already paid the Bramall Lane outfit £25m in an out-of-court settlement as way of recompense for breaking the rules regarding Tevez - who now plays for Manchester United - and third-party ownership.

But one of the longest-running sagas in football history shows no signs of relenting with members of the Blades squad, Fulham and Leeds also hoping to reclaim losses.

The Hammers say they will fight such claims to prevent “legal anarchy”, but Horsfield, whose group are being represented by solicitor Chris Farnell, hopes their case is a triumph.

“There are no personal grudges against West Ham from any of the Sheffield United players involved, myself included,” said Horsfield, who played one game for the Blades that season.

“But the fact is we lost considerable sums of money as a result of being relegated to the Championship because our wages dropped as a consequence.

“It is money we feel has been taken away from us and, more importantly, our families. It is nothing personal or about being bitter, but about justice."

Source Lincolnshire Echo
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