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Fulham Winger Willian not sure if he is staying

last updated Tuesday 26th March 2024, 10:19 PM

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Fulham winger Willian is still not sure whether he’ll stay at the club for another season or leave this summer.

The 35-year-old is this week featured in an interview with Brazilian outlet Trivela, as he had quite a long conversation about his career and his plans.

Since Willian’s contract with Fulham expires at the end of the season, he was quizzed whether he’s keen on signing a new deal with the club, with his answer making it clear he hasn’t taken a decision yet.

“Staying in London, I think it would be good, it would be perfect. But I still haven’t decided what my next step will be. As you said, I’m already 35, I’m coming to the end of my career, right? So you have to think very carefully about your decisions, what’s going to be the best place, what’s going to be the next step. But if I could, of course, stay in London, be in London, it would be good, it would be perfect.”

Now even though the player is still to make up his mind, he revealed that Fulham’s wish is to keep him in the squad.

“Fulham have already signalled that they want me to stay. They want me to stay, to renew my contract. But together with my agent, we’ve said that we’ll only resolve this at the end of the season. I think the best way to do it at the moment is to tell them to wait, because I also have to decide if it’s going to be here or if I’m going somewhere else, so I told them to wait a bit.”

In the same interview, Willian claimed that he’d still like to fight for titles, so depending on the offers he has on the table, that may be a decisive factor for his choice.

Featuring for Fulham this season, the winger has five goals and two assists in 30 games so far.

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