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Fulham v Portsmouth -
2nd half text commentary

last updated Saturday 18th November 2000, 4:57 PM
Fulham 3 Portsmouth 1

16.57Watford have lost for the third time on the trot Preston beat them 3-2

16.53 We are the champions the whistle goes and Fulham win 3-1

16.49 The crowd is given as 19005 hopefully you have guessed that one in the prediction league

16.48 Ahhhh Saha has put the ball in the net for Fulham's fourth but the Ref blowes for offside

16.46 Luis Boa Morte is through and he shoots but the keeper saves with his legs

16.44 Just a couple of minutes to go and another victory by the Mighty whites

16.40 Owww Saha runs forward and shoots the keeper spills it and Bazza is nearly in for his hat trick

16.40 Sahnoun debuts for Fulham as a sub for Sean Davis

16.40 Fulham on the attack again but too slow this time.

16.38GOALLLL !! Lee Clark scores his fourth of the season from a great shoot

16.36 Fulham have a corner on the left. In the ball comes and Bazza is under the ball in it goes ahhhhh just wide.

16.35 Another attack with Lee Clark trying a thunderbolt but the keeper tips it around the post.

16.31 Owwww Fulham attack and Lee Clark shoots from the edge of the area but the keeper copes

16.30 Fulham launching attack after attack against the tiring Portsmouth 9 man defence.

16.27 GOALLLLL!!! Bazza Hayles meets a cross from Fabrice Fernandes and it's 2-1 to Fulham.

16.24 Oh yes Hughes is off for his second yellow so Pompey are down to 9 men. Live by the sword and die by the sword. Pompey are a disgrace.

16.23 Well when the game is over the Ref will need to have a word with Pompey because they have exposed the inherent unfairness of Ref decisions against Fulham.

16.21 Owww Bazza Hayles jinks back and forward on the edge of the penalty area and he crosses to Saha in the area. Saha rises to strike the ball but just wide.

16.18 In amongst all the bad behaviour of Pompey team and their fans Fulham try to mount and attack. But Pompey are desperately defending

16.17 Fulham sub Bjarne Goldbaek with Luis Boa Morte

16.17 Now the Pompey fans are throwing bottles and coins at the Ref and Maik Taylor

16.12 At the moment the game is all about bad behaviour of Pompey players. Hughes should of got a second yellow and be the second Pompey player to be sent off but the Ref has bottled it.

Then Claridge the so called player manager has been shouting and argueing with the crowd in the enclosure.

16.09 At last the Ref has done his job and Primus of Portsmouth has got a second yellow for a bad foul on Saha and off he goes.


16.08 Pompey send the ball in but Maik Taylor is up to it

16.07 What is this Ref doing? He has yellow carded for something that the Pompey players are ggetting away without even a talking to.

16.07 Portsmouth get a free kick off a low level foul by Goldbaek.

16.05 Off we go again and virtually immediately Bazza Hayles is hacked and all the Ref does is talk to the player. When is he going to book one of them and get the game on an proper basis.

First half Fulham dominated the first half once Bazza Hayles scored in the 11th minute.

Portsmouth have been playing very physically albeit the Referee has let them off cards which they deserved.

In the last minute of the half Claridge equalised for Portsmouth leaving Fulham with it all to do again.



Finnan, Melville, Coleman, Brevett,

Clark, Goldbaek,Davis, Fernandes,

Saha, Hayles.

Subs: Hahnemann, Symons, Sahnoun, W. Collins, Boa Morte.

Portsmouth: Hoult, Primus, Derry, Moore, Claridge, Bradbury, Hughes, Quashie, Thogersen, Hiley, Panopoulos. Subs: Edinburgh, Flahavan, Waterman, Nightingale, Miglioranzi.

Referee: K Hill (Royston)

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