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Fulham to finish 9th next year.

last updated Tuesday 14th May 2002, 1:23 PM
Fulham will avoid relegation next season and finish 9th in the Premiership if you believe the odds makers at William Hill.

Premiership 2003
Squad Price
Man Utd 6/4
Arsenal 13/8
Liverpool 10/3
Leeds 14/1
Chelsea 16/1
Newcastle 28/1
Tottenham 80/1
Aston Villa 125/1
Fulham 150/1
Blackburn 150/1
West Ham 150/1
Man City 150/1
Sunderland 200/1
Middlesboro 200/1
Southampton 250/1
Everton 250/1
Charlton 300/1
Bolton 500/1
Birmingham 750/1
West Brom 1000/1
Premiership 2003
Squad Price
Arsenal 1000/1
Man Utd 1000/1
Liverpool 500/1
Chelsea 100/1
Leeds 100/1
Newcastle 28/1
Tottenham 16/1
Aston Villa 12/1
Fulham 8/1
Blackburn 8/1
Man City 6/1
Middlesboro 6/1
West Ham 6/1
Everton 7/2
Sunderland 7/2
Southampton 11/4
Charlton 2/1
Bolton 1/1
Birmingham 4/6
West Brom 2/5
The first of the major Bookies to pin their colours to the mast see The Black and Whites as a steady mid-table squad just outside of the Euro and UEFA Cup places.

Not too bad a judgement on most teams after their first season in the Premiership. However Chairman Al Fayed and Manager Tigana are unlikely to believe that mid-table fits into the 5 year plan to revolutionise Fulham and year 4 of the plan will see action aimed at increasing goals scored at Craven Cottage-on-Loftus Road next season.

Away from Fulham the championship is seen as a two horse race between Arsenal and Man Utd with the Mancunians being made favourites by a small margin. A certain Italian coach will not be happy to see the judgement that his squad will miss out on the Champions League again while Mr Hoddle will have plenty to moan about. If the odds are right The White Hart Lane boys will have to enter the InterToto to get into Euro soccer.

Favourites for relegation are West Brom, Birmingham and again Bolton. The odds compilers seem to believe Man City, promoted with West Brom and Birmingham, will be able to avoid relegation on their latest visit to the top flight.

Mind you although Man City are viewed as being safe Kevin Keegan is quoted at 9/4 not to be manager of the City on the last day of the season.
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