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Fulham open their Premiership campaign at home

last updated Thursday 20th August 2020, 9:36 AM

Fulham Football Club

Fulham open their Premiership campaign on Saturday September 12th with a home fixture against Arsenal.

Following up with an away game at Leeds Utd and then another home game this time against Aston Villa.

The first two games in December could be tough with a visit to Man City and a home game against Liverpool. Then we visit Tottenham at the end of December.

On Boxing day Fulham are at home to Southampton and on the January 2nd 2021 we are away at Burnley.

In the second week of January we have Man Utd at home and in the following week Fulham Broadway arrive at The Cottage.

In March we visit Liverpool after which Man City arrive at The Cottage.

At the end of April we play Arsenal one week and then Tottenham the folllowing week.

May kicks off with a visit to Fulham BroadWay followed two weeks later with a visit to Man Utd and the season's last game at home to Newcastle.

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