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Fulham manager Marco Silva was proud of Fulham’s performance

last updated Sunday 03rd December 2023, 10:42 PM

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Fulham coach Marco Silva
Fulham coach
Marco Silva
Marco Silva
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Fulham manager Marco Silva was proud of Fulham’s performance against Liverpool on Sunday, but had sympathy for his players after a brilliant display yielded zero points.

Fulham twice fought back to level the contest, before taking the lead through Bobby De Cordova-Reid with just 10 minutes to play.

But two goals in as many minutes from the hosts – both fine strikes in addition to the beauties they netted first half – turned the game on its head.

“Clearly, we deserved much more from the game than what we took,” Silva said. “To come to Anfield and play the way we did – twice we scored to equalise, and then at the end of the second half to be able to score a great team goal and to be leading the score is not an easy thing. And we did it.

“This afternoon, the way they scored the goals, the first two were world class – a free-kick and that great, great goal from Mac Allister. It’s not easy to do something against these types of situations.

“These goals aren’t something that happen often. They didn’t create much, apart from the two goals first half, we didn’t give them much space behind our backline.

“Second half was the same, they had a big chance on a counter attack with Salah and Darwin, but nothing more.

“We knew that after all the changes the game was going to be much more open for us to create more chances and try to score the third goal, and we did it in a good style. I have to say our third goal was a very good goal from ourselves.

“We know the game is never 100 per cent under control against these types of sides and these types of crowds, but the game was more or less under control. [Then] one long ball, a good second ball from them, and another great finish from the edge of the box.

“In that moment I knew it was the end of the match. I wanted to make a change quickly to calm the game down again, and in that moment [after] a mistake from us they scored the fourth goal.

“The players clearly didn’t deserve what they took from the game. Many, many positives from them, the boys have to be proud of what they did.

“Unfortunately for us we didn’t take what we deserved, but in this way we are going to get the points in the next few games.”

Source Geoff Pruce at Fulham FC
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