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Fulham hot shot Gera disappointed

last updated Wednesday 23rd December 2009, 11:51 AM
Fulham midfielder Zoltan Gera
Fulham midfielder
Zoltan Gera
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ZOLTAN Gera couldn't hide his disappointment when he heard the draw for the Europa League this week.

Fulham got the dubious pleasure of a trip to the Ukraine in February as a reward for a fabulous qualification by beating Basle 3-2 in their own back yard.

And now the Whites get to play current holders Shaktar Donetsk, who won the competition in the previous guise of the Uefa Cup. But Gera is gearing up to the task and the prospect of getting the game he really wants after that.

"Did my shoulders slump when I heard? Yeah, a little bit," he said. "But if you want to win the competition, then you are bound to face really good teams now.

"There is the prospect of Juventus to come later, and I would really like that."

Source Paul Warburton at London Informer
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