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Fulham Head Coach Scott Parker welcoming Fulham fans

last updated Friday 21st May 2021, 9:11 PM

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Fulham Coach Scott Parker
Fulham Coach
Scott Parker
Scott Parker
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Fulham Coach Scott Parker is relishing the opportunity to play in front of Fulham fans once again.

A limited number of home supporters will be at Craven Cottage on Sunday when we host Newcastle United, and our Head Coach has missed having that backing in SW6.

“Big positive of course,” he said of their return. “The season has been a very sterile one in stadiums. Certainly we’ve missed the supporters being in and around it; very hollow the stadiums we’ve played in.

“We had 2,000 fans for the Liverpool game, and it felt like it was packed out. We can’t wait, we are looking forward to our fans coming back.

“The forefront of our mind is going out with a good performance and hopefully some points.

“Our fans have always been very, very supportive of the team. They’ve backed us through everything.

“I have no doubt that this year if Craven Cottage had been full, that extra support that our fans would’ve given us would probably at times have been the difference that we needed. Certainly, for a team like us.

“This team have never let anyone down through a lack of effort, pride or professionalism. This is a group of players who have worked tirelessly this season to try their hardest to stay in this division.

“Where we have fallen short at times is maybe due to a lack of quality at this level. I am sure the fans will appreciate the players, even though they are disappointed.”

Parker was also asked how much a difficult campaign back in the top flight has affected him.

“It’s not taken a lot out of me,” he insisted. “Of course, it’s been hard at times for everyone. But anyone who sits in this chair or any manager at the weekend, it’s the same at times; the battles, the constant wanting to improve and get better.

“From day dot, when we walked in and I took over, certainly this year the challenge has been there and it is one we’ve embraced, every single one of us. I’ve looked forward to that, enjoyed that, embraced that.

“This is part and parcel of professional sport. If you want to sit in this chair, in professional sport you need to understand there are ups and downs and this year, at the end of it, it’s not worked out.

“Learning, loads of learning, understanding things. As always I’m raring to go, the main focus now is Sunday. And after that raring to go again in terms of what is next for us to keep improving.

“I’ve been a full-time manager for two years. First full season had the high of being promoted and this year had the lows of relegation.

“The challenges, those experiences I’ve had, the improvements I’ve seen, the bigger picture, I often talk about that.

“In my case, I get a win or a loss, a promotion or relegation, and it’s the be all and end all for everyone.

“But certainly, for me there are other bigger things that keep you going, that keep you there, keep you wanting to drive.

“Whether that is a team that has improved, a team you see in elements that have got better, individuals improving, they are all things that keep me motivated.”

Following a brilliant performance at Old Trafford on Tuesday, Parker is now hoping to give the fans another display of note to reward them for their support.

“There is definitely a matter of pride,” he stated. “I think that has been the case for large parts this season.

“Pride has been a large part, a team that had practically been written off at the start of the season and at times had to show and bring real pride to a football match. Certainly since our fate has been sealed with relegation.

“Again, it is about pride, professionalism, but there is also an element which is quality is well.

“The team want to go out there and show those characteristics but also show the qualities we have as a team.”

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