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Fulham Head Coach Scott Parker pleased with Man Utd draw

last updated Wednesday 19th May 2021, 11:22 AM

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Scott Parker
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Fulham Coach Scott Parker expressed a mixture of regret from previous results and hope ahead of next season after Joe Bryan ensured his side left Old Trafford with a point.

Fulham battled nobly in the second half which had Parker thinking of what could’ve been from games gone.

“A little bit of both [regret and hope],” he admitted. “The performance tonight has been there this season, but we were on the right side of fine margins tonight.

“What was different was Phonse making a few saves, one of their shots goes over the bar. On the flip side, we executed a lovely move to work a goal.

“Nothing really changed as I told the team to come here and play like a top team and be ultra-brave. That was a risk but that’s how we put our stamp on it.”

The Head coach commented on the controversial nature of United’s opener. VAR deemed Edinson Cavani onside despite Bruno Fernandes making seemingly no contact with a flick-on.

"The linesman says he [Cavani] is five-yards offside if Bruno hasn’t touched the ball,” he stated. “VAR is here to get calls correct. I’ve watched it over a couple of angles, and he doesn’t touch the ball, in that case I’m not sure why the goal has been allowed.”

The 40-year-old was questioned with his future beyond the end of the season with Parker reiterating his loyalty to Fulham.

“My main focus is between now and the end of the season. I want to look to Sunday and maintain a good performance and keep looking at how to improve the Club.”

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