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Fulham Coach Scott Parker regrets missing Southampton game

last updated Friday 25th December 2020, 10:26 AM

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Fulham Head Coach Scott Parker
Fulham Head Coach
Scott Parker
Scott Parker
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“We have a Premier League game on Saturday which I’m not going to be able to take part in, or this week’s training leading into it. This is because unfortunately a member of my household tested positive for Covid and obviously due to the government guidelines I’ve had to self-isolate. There’s no denying that it’s disappointing but my family member’s fine and is on the mend.

“We’re doing all we can, we’ve got everything set up, I’m in constant dialogue with my staff, I’ve got an unbelievable team around me. You’d probably expect me to say that but it’s the truth. They’ve been working with me for a long time so I know the players are in good hands.

“I’ll do all I can from home. I’ll be in constant dialogue, I’ll have a feed going into the dugout. I’ll have my laptop and screens with a lot of angles of the game, so I’ll be in constant dialogue with how I see things.

“Is that going to be as good as being live and being around it? Of course not, but that’s the predicament I’m in at this present moment in time. But I’ve got great staff and great coaches here who will take the reins more personally there, but also I can still have a big influence.”

In relation to Joachim Andersen’s rescinded red card Scott said “It’s really important for us. Joachim’s been fantastic since he’s come in and I’m really glad that the authorities have understood that a clear mistake had been made there, and they chose to rescind the red card, and rightly so.

“It’s vitally important that Joachim is back in, he’s done remarkably well for us and is pivotal to what we’re trying to do.

“At the time of the incident I was bitterly disappointed. I said after the game that what’s puzzling is that we brought VAR into the game to make the right and correct decisions.

“I understand in real time why Graham Scott gave the penalty, and even now looking back at what he was shown on the monitor was not conclusive to give him enough evidence, so I definitely think there’s some real issues here with the process of VAR.

“We need to work out what the most important thing is that we’re getting out of VAR, and for me that’s getting decisions right. If that means that it takes five minutes, then it takes five minutes. If it means that we have to slow this down and show numerous angles because it’s contentious, we have to do that.

“What you can’t have is what happened to us at the weekend, because that’s cost us two points, and for us two points is valuable and massive.”

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