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Fulham Coach Scott Parker praised Fulham's character

last updated Thursday 17th December 2020, 10:42 AM

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Fulham Head Coach Scott Parker
Fulham Head Coach
Scott Parker
Scott Parker
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Fulham Head Coach Scott Parker weighed up the positives from negatives after his side’s stalemate with Brighton.

The Head Coach acknowledged his team could’ve been sharper in possession but praised the character he saw in the second half to withstand pressure from the visitors and create chances of their own.

“I felt tonight we lacked a little something, we look a little bit jaded," he admitted.

“I recognise we need to play better with the ball.

We came under some big pressure early in the second half and weathered a storm.

We haven’t been so good at doing that, so I’m pleased with that.

“We kept a clean sheet, and we had a couple of big chances. We wanted to win the game, but it was an even game. We’ll take it in small steps and grow further.

“It’s been well documented at times we haven’t withstood pressure. Before you know it, we’re one down, it gives you an uphill task. They pressured from set plays, but we were always in the game. We move on now.”

The Premier League are set to vote on whether five substitutions will be approved for the second time. Parker leaned towards the current rules referring to squad depth in the bigger clubs.

“For us, it’s having to work out whether there is an issue with player-wellbeing,” he said. “Teams that are in the Champions League have bigger squads and more resource.

I still stand by three subs for a club like us. For the bigger teams it becomes more helpful and we want to stay competitive.

If there is a wellbeing issue that’s proven, then I understand it."

Source Adam Micklewright at Fulham FC
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