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Fulham coach Marco Silva won't underestimate West Ham

last updated Friday 07th April 2023, 6:37 PM

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Fulham coach Marco Silva
Fulham coach
Marco Silva
Marco Silva
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Fulham coach Marco Silva knows it would be perilous to underestimate West Ham United on Saturday.

Our visitors sit outside the relegation zone on goal difference alone, but our defeat at Bournemouth last week demonstrates the quality throughout the Premier League.

“We’re not thinking that they are struggling, because if you are going to think [like that] then I think Bournemouth is a good lesson,” Silva said. “They were struggling, and we did so well first half, and with no reason we didn't perform second half.

“I know it is really tough to be in position [West Ham] are in, and probably for a squad, a team like that, they were not even thinking of being where they are right now.

“As you know, they are competing in European competition, which means that last season they finished in a very good spot.

“The money they spent, the signings that they made, showed that they wanted to fight again, so of course for them to be the position they are is not a good feeling inside the dressing room, for their staff, for sure, for David Moyes and their fanbase.

“But that is not important for us really, we look at ourselves, we demand some pressure and put some pressure on ourselves that each game is for us to win and to improve from the last one. That's something that we want, clearly.”

For the first time this season, we find ourselves on a three-match losing run in the Premier League, and Silva has called for the fans to give the boys an added edge in the weekend’s London derby.

“We are going to play against a very good side,” he explained. “They are not in a good moment, but we focus on ourselves because we want to perform well.

“And I would like to mention and make a message for our fans. They know how we are doing so, so well this season. Now we are in a not very, very good moment, and it’s a moment for them to play their part as well.

“As I asked them from the first day of the season, and last season, we are going to be all together for the good days and the bad days as well.

“Tomorrow I am really confident that it will be a good day for us, and we need them to be behind the team.”

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