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Fulham coach Marco Silva: we did not do the basics

last updated Wednesday 27th April 2022, 3:44 PM

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Fulham coach Marco Silva
Fulham coach
Marco Silva
Marco Silva
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Fulham coach Marco Silva took lessons from Fulham’s Forest defeat on Tuesday night as his side missed out on claiming the Championship title.

“The stats are a fact,” said our Head Coach. “All this possession and shots, the result could be different definitely.

“We created more chances, we had everything more, apart from the goals. It was not a good performance at all.

“We tried to rush, we didn’t have enough patience to play in our way. We in certain moments didn’t do the basics.

“We have to control the game in our way, we have to be balanced, not rush decisions, don’t lose the ball so quickly. The first half we did not do that, and the game was unbalanced.

“They score in one moment, at this level it can happen.”

A much-improved display in the second period was encouraging for Silva.

“Second half was different, we pushed them back,” he said.

“We spoke at half time, we have to be much more patient, to move more quickly the ball, to keep the shape.

“The second minute of the second half we created a great chance with Bobby to equalise. Unfortunately, we did not score.

“It is a moment for us to learn and understand why the last few home games we are more open than normal. It is something we have to learn from the present for the future as well."

Our boss was seen to be having a strong word with the man in the middle post-match, something he touched on in his debrief.

“Firstly I have to say I respect them (referees), I am really emotional on the bench, the game has to be emotional, we all are.

“It is tough for the players, they are inside the pitch, they know what has happened with our team so far this season.

“Tonight it was our fault and we look at ourselves. But before (Forest goal) it was a foul on Neco Williams in that moment.

“It is difficult to see the game how it was second half. The last counterattack for ourselves, they stopped the game in a way that is difficult for our players to keep the focus. It was not a good game to watch."

When asked if there was pressure on getting across the line to be crowned Champions, Silva stated it is something they will thrive on.

“I know how they (the players) are, they wanted to get the job done on Saturday and tonight.

“Tonight was different, we did not perform at our best level.

“I don’t see a reason to be under pressure, I think it it is the best pressure in the world that you can have has as a football player or manager. To play to get promotion or to win the title or do be champion in one competition is the best pressure.

“If you can’t deal with this pressure something is wrong. I will speak with our players in the next training session as I don’t see reasons for us to be so anxious with the ball."

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