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Fulham coach Marco Silva wants more

last updated Wednesday 12th January 2022, 11:01 AM

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Fulham coach Marco Silva
Fulham coach
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Marco Silva
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Fulham coach Marco Silva spoke to the press following his sides second 7-0 away win of the season on Tuesday night against Reading.

“It is not a normal score,” started Marco. “We repeat it [Blackburn Rovers 0-7 Fulham], it is not a normal score, but it was a consequence of the game.

“The last game that we did it, we did it with superiority on the pitch, 10 against 11 for 60 minutes and tonight was a little bit different because it was 11 against 11.

The Whites were dominant throughout the game, but Marco felt that the goal before half-time helped his side heading into the final 45.

“Of course, after the second goal, there was halftime and after with our third goal, things were really difficult for them and we kept the same intensity and same pace, including long periods of the match, which is a good sign for me as a manager after a long break for some of these players without a game in their legs and it was good, it was a good score, a good result for us.

“The most important thing for us is the three points and of course, after the goals came at the end, it was a consequence from our game.”

It was goals galore in Berkshire, but Marco was keen to play down the scoreline and was impressed with his team’s performance, coming off the back of 1-0 defeat to Sheffield United in their last league game before Christmas.

“I think it an important score, but it is just three points. I told my players that then. We are happy, we need this type of performance, we need goals, we need to boost the confidence for our front line, the defenders.

“All these situations are important for us but at the end, it is just three points.”

“After the Sheffield United match, we want to play as quick as possible because it was our first defeat in 12 games. We were 11 games unbeaten and that defeat for us was tough and unfortunately for us, we had three games cancelled and we want to play as soon as possible.

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