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Fulham coach Marco Silva says standards must be kept at their highest

last updated Friday 28th January 2022, 3:46 PM

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Marco Silva
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Despite Fulham’s terrific form, Marco Silva knows a monumental effort is still needed to win a fixture in the Sky Bet Championship.

Four wins in a row – with 22 goals scored in the process – has solidified the Whites’ spot at the top of the standings, but Silva knows standards must be kept at their highest to maintain such momentum.

“We go into every game expecting to win, but knowing that we must work at least the same as our opponents to win the match,” he explained.

“Our players know that the demands we place on ourselves are really high, from myself and the players as well. And they go into the match knowing it will be really difficult, but the main thing is the three points.

“If you score a good number of goals or not, it will be a consequence from our performance, but the main thing for us is to win football matches.

“We’ll show a big respect to our opponents because we know how hard we have to work to achieve these types of [big] results.

“We have to stay really humble in this competition, keep our feet on the ground, because nothing is easy in football and we have to keep working really hard.”

And while Silva has been pleased to see goals flying in at one end, he would like to see us tighten up a little at the other.

When asked if he would take another 6-2 win on Saturday when we host Blackpool, he replied: “No, I would like to win the match with a clean sheet, definitely.

“First I would like to win the match, and myself and my players and my staff will do our best to win the game, respecting Blackpool of course, it will be tough for sure. They’re a team with very good organisation, but we’ll do our best to win the match again.

“Our offensive organisation has been really, really good, but of course we clearly have to improve in some moments.

“The room to improve is still really big for us. Of course, I would like to see our team keep winning football matches, but keeping clean sheets [as well] would be the perfect scenario.”

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