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Fulham coach Marco Silva prepared for physical clash

last updated Tuesday 18th January 2022, 11:32 AM

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Fulham coach Marco Silva
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Marco Silva
Marco Silva
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Fulham go into Tuesday’s match knowing that a win would move us five points clear at the top of the Sky Bet Championship.

Marco Silva, though, would rather have stuck to the original schedule than have games in hand on the teams around us.

“If you asked me if I would prefer to play in that period, of course yes, I would prefer to play in December in the normal date because you put in all this effort and intensity, and in the future that makes it tougher for us, I have no doubts about that.

“Maybe in the first few games we will not feel it but after that we will feel it, the big effort that we are doing, playing every three days every single time, when the others are resting.

“We have a good example last game; Bristol City had all week to prepare for the match and be comfortable in the situation. It’s the same with the next game against Stoke, who will have a normal week to prepare for the match.

“If you ask me if I think this is good for us, of course not, because we are not playing in the same circumstances as some of our opponents.

“It wasn’t our fault that games were postponed, but it is what it is, they rescheduled the games and my job is to do my maximum to keep our players in the best physical condition, and to keep them fully focused and switched on every time.”

Birmingham City at home on Boxing Day was our first fixture to be called off, with Blues now travelling to the Cottage on Tuesday night.

A video of their Head Coach Lee Bowyer went viral at the weekend after he learnt of Fulham’s 6-2 win over Bristol City, but Silva quashed any notion that sides feared the Whites.

“I don’t think fear,” he said. “You could say respect, definitely. Of course they respect us, they respect our quality, they respect what we are doing as a team, but not fear.

“Lee will prepare his team as best as he can to play against us, to match us, to come here and to try to get points that they need. They are trying to find the way to win a game, last few games they didn’t get the results that they were aiming for.

“Okay, Fulham is in a fantastic moment, so they can respect us too much, or they can come here with nothing to lose. They are in a bad run and if they achieve a good result against Fulham it would be perfect for them.

“I look at both scenarios, I like to prepare my players for everything that can happen. In football you are given nothing, everything is really tough.

“They are a physical team who will create some problems for us with the way they play, so we have to match that and, after, play with the quality that we like to play.”

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