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Fulham coach Marco Silva: Pleased with Fulham performance

last updated Monday 28th February 2022, 11:46 AM

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Fulham coach Marco Silva
Fulham coach
Marco Silva
Marco Silva
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Fulham coach Marco Silva told the press that his players did everything right to get past the Cardiff challenge when they beat them 1-0 on Saturday afternoon.

“It’s always tough to come here to play,” said Marco. “We know that it is a game that demands from us always. In the right moments, they are fully focused and aggressive in challenges.

“From free-kicks and throw-ins, they looked to put the ball in our box and was the moment they believed they could punish us, apart from the moment in the first half when we slept completely; a long ball from the ‘keeper was their biggest chance in the whole match.

“I think in the second half we dealt with the set-pieces really well in the situation; if you look at both teams compared with size, there is a big, big difference. Our players dealt really, really well with that situation. We knew they would be the moments they force.

“Apart from that, we controlled parts of the match, more first half than second. It’s our way to play and we did it.

“A little bit slower than I wanted and because of that, we didn’t create the most chances that we have created in a match, but we created enough.

“I think we controlled the match; we were the best team on the pitch and we deserved the three points.”

Adding to his already hefty goal tally, Aleksandar Mitrovic’s first-half goal was the difference between the two sides in the end, but Marco maintains that the team’s performance is what allows him to rack up such incredible numbers.

“As a team, we have the capacity to create, and he [Mitro] scored,” Marco said of the goal. “As a team, we created something really good. Something that was planned, something that was in our idea and philosophy as well and we did it again, not for the first time.

“Mitro just put the ball in the net.”

The Whites remain top of the Championship table having secured back-to-back wins in the league following on from a disappointing result last Saturday.

“It’s not the main thing if you are favourites or not,” said Marco, when asked about whether he felt his side were the most likely to secure the title.

“From the first day, everyone looks for us as the favourites as we were one of the three teams relegated from the Premier League. It was our obligation to be favourites for all the things that you know.

“Not just us but West Brom and Sheffield United as well and three or four other clubs that will be around and are favourites as well.

“But you know how it is, it is a competition. The other two teams are fighting like we are fighting. We are on the top of the table because we deserve it.

“We are playing well and as a group we are fighting when we should fight, playing well when we should play well.

“We are playing with quality. This is the main thing for me. Not just a matter of winning football matches, but when we play well, we can play well.

“Other times we have to play the ugly side of the match, which we are doing in certain moments as well.

“Nothing is finished. Nobody can achieve anything by the end of February. We didn’t achieve nothing yet.”

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