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Fulham coach Marco Silva happy to finish on a high

last updated Monday 20th May 2024, 9:17 AM

Fulham Football Club

Fulham coach Marco Silva
Fulham coach
Marco Silva
Marco Silva
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Fulham’s new look front three of Adama Traore, Raul Jimenez and Harry Wilson led the team to a slick 4-2 win at Luton Town on the final day of the season.

Asked what positives and negatives he took from the finale, Silva replied: “Firstly, always the most important thing, the result.

“Of course, when you win a football match in the last Premier League match, it’s always really important to finish on a high, to finish with a good performance. A good result, definitely, and a good performance, too. Three points that we deserved, clearly.

“It was nice to see us finish the season like we started, with an away win. Unfortunately for us, that’s something that played a big part in our season, we were not able to be consistent away from home, but it was good for us to finish [with a win].

“Some great goals, the way we scored the second goal, for example, great open play moment from ourselves. The way we scored the four goals, and some other moments we had during the match, was really important.

“Some individual performances at a very good level. Our frontline, I have to mention how Raul was always the player to link that high pressure that they tried to do every time, with the man on man situation. The way we were able to use Raul to be the key man to link our game, was a really good performance from him.

“There were some very good moments from Adama as well. Very good performance from Harry Wilson, very good. It was nice to see our frontline perform really well.

“The negatives, clearly, was the way we conceded the two goals. We should have avoided both goals – the first one, the penalty, and the second one from a wide free-kick.”

Defeat for Wolverhampton Wanderers at Anfield meant that Fulham leapfrogged them in the table to finish 13th, and Silva was asked how he reflects on 2023/24.

“Another successful season for this football club, I’m 100 per cent sure,” he said. “What we have been achieving last three years, to have three seasons in a row in the Premier League is something that probably the last 10, 15 years didn’t happen with Fulham Football Club.

“We all know how it’s been tough for us, how it’s been challenging for us as well, but the way we have been getting this job done has been really enjoyable for all of us.

“This season – I’ve been saying to you, but I will say it again – when we have been playing at our best level, we have been really strong, enjoyable to see, to watch, and achieving great results for the football club.

“I cannot hide to you, in one moment of the season, before the last international break, my ambition, my feeling, I expected us to fight for something more.

“You know myself, I’m always a really ambitious person, but not just because of ambition, because of what I see every single day in the training sessions. For many reasons [it didn’t happen], and that is for me to analyse why and to take the conclusions that I need.

“After the international break, we had some lack of consistency in some moments, some games that didn’t allow us to be in a position right now with more points.

“The margins are really small to win a game, or to draw or lose a game in the Premier League. The margins are really small, all the details play a big part in it, and in some games we were not at our best level.

“Because of that, we haven’t won some points that were really important for us. But definitely another successful season for us again.

“After the last summer and all the noise around our football club, and all that stuff, everybody started to talk about second season syndrome. A lot of noise because we lost our main goal scorer and a player that was so, so important for me.

“We were able to rebuild everything again, around different players in the attack line, and the reality is that we did that in a very good way. And the last five months, no-one spoke about the player that we lost, even if it was a fantastic striker.

“Looking forward for the next season, no-one can stand still in this football club. It’s going to be much more competitive, much, much more.

“As you know, we are going to lose some players. One of them is Tosin. He's at the end of his contract, he’s going to leave the Club. Let’s see what we can do with the others who are at the end of contract.”

Bernd Leno’s appearance at Kenilworth Road meant he was one of just six players to feature in every single minute of the Premier League season.

Reports this week suggested he has ruled himself out of the upcoming European Championships in his homeland due to an injury, and his Head Coach was able to clarify the situation.

“In his right shoulder, he has a small problem there,” Silva explained. “He’s not going to need surgery, or something as serious as that, but he needs this time to recover, to get treatment in that shoulder, for him to be ready for pre-season.”

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