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Fulham coach Marco Silva acknowledged that a draw was a fair result

last updated Saturday 25th February 2023, 10:02 AM

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Fulham coach Marco Silva
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Marco Silva
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After Fulham improved on a below-par first half to fight back and earn a point against Wolverhampton Wanderers, Marco Silva acknowledged that a draw was a fair result.

“I believe our first half was not at the level that it should be, and our pressure was not even close to the way we planned, the way we should have done,” he said.

“We let them start the game so easily, without pressure, and they were too comfortable in that situation.

“Normally we don't give that time for opposition sides to start building their attacks the way they did it, and of course when you do that, it's much more difficult for us to have control in the game.

“Our pressure was not good, and then after that our dynamic on the ball was not enough as well. We never controlled the first half to be honest.

“For their goal, we made a mistake solely in the position of our two midfielders on the side of the ball and there was space there for them to explore.

“We spoke at half-time. We changed not just two players, we changed many, many things in our team.

“Of course, the two players made an impact in the game, but we as a team, we were completely different, much more aggressive, better positions off the ball as well to be aggressive in our first pressure as well, much more strong in some duels.

“First half, most of the second balls they won as well. Our dynamic was completely different second half.

“We equalised the game with a great goal from Manor, and I have to say second half we were really the team that showed more ambition to win the game. We controlled the game much more.

“Okay, there were not many chances for both teams, it was really a balanced game. We had a great chance from Vinicius at the end, great save from Sa, but probably it’s a fair result.”

It was the third time in a row that Manor Solomon has stepped off the bench to score, but Silva is still keen to manage his game time wisely.

“He's showing the quality that he has, and he’s helping the team as well,” he explained. “Manor is not ready for 90 minutes, but at same time he needs minutes to play with this intensity, because this is the Premier League and when you’ve had three or four months without playing football matches week in and week out, it is always difficult for you.

“All my players have to be important for the team, from the start or from the bench. This is what I demand from them, and after it's up to me to take the decisions that are best for the team.

“But of course I'm pleased that a player that came from the bench the last three games scored such important goals for us. It's really important and, more importantly for him, it’s boosting his confidence.”

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