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Fulham boss Marco Silva said it was brilliant performance

last updated Monday 11th December 2023, 9:07 AM

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Fulham coach Marco Silva
Fulham coach
Marco Silva
Marco Silva
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Fulham manager Marco Silva spoke to the press following his side’s second 5-0 home win in a week.

“Brilliant performance from us,” he started. “Very, very good level.

“We were the best team on the pitch, not just because we won five nil but the way we performed from the first minute.

“The players understood the plan and they it executed really well.

“The way we did it, it was almost a perfect afternoon for us.

“Of course, the last 25 minutes, we just tried to control the game on the ball. We lost some balls that gave them the chance for some counter-attacks.

“Apart from that we didn't give almost nothing for them. We did control well and it's not easy to control a team like West Ham with the quality they have.”

It was the second time that Marco’s side secured an impressive 5-0 win at home in the Premier League and when asked whether he thought it was a better performance than against Forest, he said:

“No doubt about it because against Forest, we didn't start the game the way we wanted.

“The only thing that I really didn't enjoy that game was our first 15 minutes .

“On Wednesday, everyone was saying that okay, ‘it was against Forest, they are really bad, all that stuff.

“In the Premier League, it doesn't exist and then they showed that yesterday when they got a good result away from home.

“This afternoon was against the team that just came from winning the derby away from home against Tottenham, the way they are doing so well in the Europa Conference.

“Credits for the players the way they did it. The way they enjoy, and they embrace the challenge.”

Outside criticism of Fulham has been their lack of goals this season, which we have responded to by scoring 16 goals in our last four games, leading to Marco being asked about what has changed for his side to become so free-scoring.

“We are not doing nothing really different,” he said. “Of course we change some things.

“The trust in our players was always there, the processes is not something new .

“I was trying to improve things and to add things for our way to play and we did it really well in the last two games.

“We are growing as a team. I felt that every single day and we are proving this on the pitch on the match day and this the most important thing."

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