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Fulham boss Marco Silva impressed with Brighton progress

last updated Friday 27th October 2023, 8:43 PM

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Fulham coach Marco Silva
Fulham coach
Marco Silva
Marco Silva
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Fulham coach Marco Silva offered his thoughts to the press ahead of Sunday afternoon's Premier League clash away at Brighton and Hove Albion.

Marco began his press conference by speaking on the late Bill Kenwright, who he worked with during his time at Everton Football Club.

“Firstly, of course, condolences for his family and for the Everton family as well.

“It was a pleasure for me to share some moments with a great man and a great Evertonian and my thoughts are going for him and for everybody that's around him and for his family and for the club as well.”

This week saw Marco extend his deal with the Fulham, keeping him at the Club until the end of the 2025/26 season.

“It was something that we have been talking about a long time,” he said when asked about the deal.

“It’s something that we probably could have done earlier, to be honest and the decision was a simple one.”

Marco also took the time to offer his thanks to the fans for their support throughout his time at the club thus far: “Their support has been really important, not just for me, for the players.

“The last two seasons, what we have achieved in a quick time was really, really good.

“It's good to have the feeling that the fans are happy with everything that we have been doing in this football club.

“I have to say that it is a pleasure to feel that from the fans. At the end, we are working here to make them proud and that is a priority for me as a manager of this football club.”

The injury situation is starting to look much better for some of the players that have been out after Marco’s update.

“Good to see him [Tosin] back on the grass. Of course, not fully involved with the team, I think one or two weeks he is going to be fully involved with the squad.

“Nice to see finally Kenny as well. Adama is coming back too and of course just Issa looks a bit more.”

Sunday’s opponents have had a turbulent history but have enjoyed several seasons in the Premier League and now European football too, something that Marco admires.

“It’s been an incredible journey for that football club and what they've been achieving.

“The percentage of big, very good decisions is huge in my opinion.

“Last night they achieved the first win in Europe I believe, and this is a really important step for them but to be honest, they deserve it, not just last season of course but the way they have been the giving the right steps.

“They keep growing, growing, and growing and I think this is a very good example of that and they deserve the credit for what they've been achieving.”

Talking once more on his new contract, Marco spoke openly about his feelings since joining Fulham in 2021.

“I have to say that this is different. I’ve been in this club longer than any other but normally I’m feeling really at home at any club I have worked for so far.

“I’m not just talking about England; I’m talking about all the clubs that I have had the pleasure of working for and the people that have been a pleasure to work with as well.

“I’m feeling at home. From the first day I felt really welcome in this football club.

“But I have to say, and to be fair, that I felt the same in the other football clubs of course.

“As more time you spend in a football club, you get more connections, a stronger relationship with people as well but it is normal in this football club I have created this relationship like with the other clubs as well. That is the truth.”

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