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Fulham Boa Morte aims at Arsenal and Euro 2004

last updated Saturday 23rd February 2002, 11:04 AM
Fulham winger Luis Boa Morte still remembers his time with Arsenal in a positive manner even saying that "After Fulham, I'd prefer Arsenal to win the title rather than another team."

Fulham winger Luis Boa Morte
Fulham winger Luis Boa Morte aiming at more International action in Euro 2004
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"Arsenal were my first club when I came to England - and I made a lot of friends there and got a lot of respect from the board, the players and the supporters."

"I wish they would win the title. I'm also good friends with Patrick Vieira - and we talk on the phone and sometimes go out and have dinner, to relax and get away from football."

Boa Morte's long-term goal is focused on Euro 2004 in his home country - although the 24-year-old knows he could sneak into Antonio Oliveira's squad for the World Cup if he impresses this spring.

"It will be difficult for me because I only started getting involved last March, and Portugal have a very big team and very good players," he added.

"It's a big challenge for me, and there's three months to go until the end of the season - so it depends on what happens. If you score goals and are in good form that's enough to make the manager think 'he's fit and in good enough form to be in my team, so I'll call him'.

"My big target is really Euro 2004 rather than the World Cup - although I'm no different from any other player, of course I would like to be there. If I am in the squad I'll be really, really happy - but if I don't get in it I won't be disappointed."
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