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Foy to ref the Birmingham game

last updated Tuesday 06th December 2005, 2:33 PM
Referee Foy Christopher Foy - St Helens Referee Foy wanted to be a professional footballer but wasn't up to it so he decided to become a ref. He is finding it enjoyable as "for the first time I am being paid for something I love to do." Ex-Lancashire policeman Foy started refereeing in 1983, became a Football League referee in 1994 and graduated to the Barclaycard Premiership roster in 2001. Foy is now in his fifth full season as a Premiership League referee and is confident enough to believe that ref's get 99.9% of their decisions correct.Ref Foy's appearances in Fulham games have been few and far between and so far there have been no major errors to be held against him, from a Fulham point of view.
Referee Stats - 2005/2006

Ref Foy is coasting along quietly at the moment within the overall norms of Premiership refereeing. Last season he enjoyed dishing out a few penalties, mainly in one of our games, and is already above average for the number he has given this season.

  Mr. Foy's Av Premiership Ref
Total Match Avg Total Match Avg
Games 7 9
Fouls 174 24.86 239 27.86
Yellows 19 2.71 28 3.29
Reds 1 0.14 1.3 0.15
Penalties 2 0.29 1.7 0.20
Fouls per Yellow - 9.2   8.5
Homer? (2004-2005)
Total Home Away Total
Games Fouls Yellow Red Pen Fouls Yellow Red Pen Fouls Yellow Red Pen
7 78 7 0 1 96 12 1 1 174 19 1 2
  45% 27%37 0% 50% 55% 63% 100% 50% - - - -
Premiership Average
9 49% 42% 32% 55% 51% 58% 68% 45% 239 28 1 2
Ref Foy has a problem in decision making which seems to end up with more decisions going against the visiting team.
Previous Fulham games what was refed by Christopher Foy
02-02-2005 Premiership Fulham 1-1 Aston Villa 4y 0r
Bookings: Boa Morte (Fulham) Angel ,Davis ,De la Cruz (Aston Villa)
The one with three missed penalties, two of which were doubtful decisions..
04-10-2003 Premiership Fulham 2-0 Leicester
Bookings: Goma , Knight (Fulham) Impey (Leicester)
Ref Foy made numerous petty and hard to understand decisions during the game, a number were against Fulham in dangerous areas around the penalty area. Fortunately Leicester were so poor that they were not able to take advantage of Foy's generousity.
14-09-2002 Premiership Sunderland 0-3 Fulham 4y 0r
Bookings: Gray, Wright (Sunderland) Brevett, Hayles (Fulham)
11-05-2002 Premiership Blackburn 3-0 Fulham 3y 0r
Bookings: Dunn, Neill, Tugay (Blackburn)
11-11-2000 Division 1 Wimbledon 0-3 Fulham 2y 0r
Bookings: Andersen (Wimbledon) Brevett (Fulham)
05-02-2000 Division 1 Fulham 1-0 West Brom 5y 0r
Bookings: Ball, Melville (Fulham) Carbon, Hughes, Sigurdsson (West Brom) 10-08-1999 League Cup Northampton 1-2 Fulham 3y 0r
Bookings: Sampson (Northampton) Hughes, Sean Davis (Fulham)
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