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Fixtures for 2010 -2011 are on their way

last updated Wednesday 10th June 2009, 1:21 PM
Next seasons fixtures will be released on 17th June.

Officials from the Premier League and the Football League are meeting this week to draw up the fixture lists for the 2009/10 campaign.

Apart from identifying other local events that would need to be considered by each club's local police force and ensuring neighbouring clubs avoid home fixtures on the same day fixture list compilers ensure:

  • Wherever possible clubs should have no more than two successive home (or away) fixtures, excluding cup draws.

  • All clubs should have an alternating sequence of home and away Saturday fixtures at both the beginning and end of the season.

  • Any club away on Boxing Day should be at home on New Year's day and vice versa. Local derbies are avoided on these dates but equally distance of journeys should be minimised. If possible, clubs should have an equal number of home and away fixtures on Bank Holidays, if applicable.

  • Clubs playing in the Europa League on a Thursday will have the option of moving a Saturday fixture to a Sunday so, where possible, these should be home matches.

  • A draft list is produced for initial review by the compilation team who consider - along with many other aspects - date requests and pairings which have not been satisfied.

  • A second review is performed by the fixtures working party in consultation with club representatives, the FA and the National Supporters Association.

  • It is almost impossible to create a schedule which meets all the requests but the compilers will spend hours locked away studying the draft fixtures to minimise the problems and ensure no one club, league or set of supporters is unduly penalised.

Source Graham Hiley at Premier League
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