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Fabric Fernandes gets the Trots

last updated Thursday 01st September 2005, 10:49 AM

Former Fulham midfielder Fabric Fernandes, 25 years old, has moved from Southampton to Bolton on a free transfer.

The Frenchman's agent, Willie McCoy, had told the press that the move had been scuppered by the Bolton Chairman but The Trotters are now claiming that a one-year deal has been agreed

McKay was also quoted as saying: "Fabrice is a cheap player for £6,000 a week as he can play on the left or right side of midfield and he has proved himself in the Premiership.

Fabrice played at Fulham during the Tigana era and is not remembered for his workrate or tackling ability.

Fabric has survived, albeit not for long, in Glasgow so he may do alrite in the North-west with Mr Allardyce to hold his delicately gloved hands. Of course there will also be fewer red lights to run as well.

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