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Cookie Coleman talks about his new job

last updated Thursday 15th May 2003, 9:27 PM
Fulham Manager Cookie Coleman said after his appointment "I'm delighted. I really enjoyed my little stint at the end of last season - even though it was only five games.

"I got a taste for it and I knew it would be hard to say 'no' if I got the chance of the job full-time - and I'm delighted to be given the opportunity.

Fulham Manager Chris Coleman
Fulham Manager Chris Coleman
talking about his appointment
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"I enjoyed every minute of it and now I can't wait for the start of next season

"I didn't want the end to come - I wanted to stay in charge.

"It's a massive challenge and a big responsibility but the honeymoon period is over.

"I had such a good relationship with the supporters and everyone at the club as a player but that will be forgotten next season. If I don't get the results I'm under no illusions.

The Welshman continued: "There were some big names linked with the job and I saw some of them and thought I could do equally as good a job. So I threw my hat in and after that it was up to the club.

"I know I said I didn't want the job originally - but I changed my mind.

"I've had to pinch myself being asked to be in charge of a Premiership club. I'm not 33 yet and a lot of people want to talk about my inexperience - but who's to say if we brought in an experienced guy he would last a long time?"

"David Moyes - look at the success he's had and people said Everton were taking a chance with him.

"Fulham have shown a lot of faith in me and I'm determined to repay the faith with results on the pitch.

Coleman does not envisage major change - but revealed he wants to secure the futures of some players and recruit "a new face or two", while ruling out an exodus of French players following the departure of Tigana.

He explained: "I'll try and speak with as many of the players as I can but I'm sure a lot of them have gone on holiday and will be out of the county.

"It's not ideal they find out about this through the press or TV - but we had no other choice.

"I've seen a lot of stories of a mass exodus but the team are performing and the French players have been magnificent. There will be one or two changes like any club - but well have to wait and see.

Coleman joked that he had a replacement in mind for Kean - Wales boss Mark Hughes, adding: "I've told him if anything goes wrong with Wales we need a reserve team manager.

"I'll do things my way - I'll make my decisions, not the one a previous manager would make.

"I'll be my own guy and if I fall down it will be my fault - if I succeed then great.

"There are only one or two minor things that need to be changed. The way we play will be changed slightly but nothing major."

On his five-game baptism Coleman - who revealed he intends getting all the UEFA coaching badges - revealed: "I could have fallen flat on my face - I only thought we'd needed three points to be honest, that's why I took the job - but West Ham kept winning!

"But I didn't feel stressed - I loved being in the middle of it.

"I felt comfortable and at home with the situation - and that's why I changed my mind."
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